December is Here - Please be patient for any further blogging as I have to do the feckin xmas decorations etc.
and mess around with some website magic.....

The Big Switch On Failure

Well I decided to throw the BIG Switch & Power up me Xmas Outdoor lighting which I always never bother to take down
This time after the BIG SWITCH ON  about ten leds lit up, but the rest of the 80+ failed!
The good news is that the RED Leds I purchased from Tesco today look quite sexy indoors!

BBC Weatherwatch

I've seen some really crackin images other weatherwatchers have been posting the the BBC site - they must be very dedicated and obviously have been getting up much earlier than myself to grab some of the frosty early morning scenery!
My little Panasonic compact digital does his best, and I've resisted temptation  to spend a fortune on a new DSLR with a shed load telephoto!
Christine Clarks images are superb, she uses her Canon /Eyes to perfection!
I'll have to plan a day of Photography & get out to one of those National Front Properties again, but at the moment it's far too feckin cold!
I think this is my latest/favourite shot I took, but not sure if Shefali Oza will have it as a backdrop one evening??
Not sure what sort of shrub this is?
Any ideas??
Click on the image for a bigger picture!


Tonight I have mainly been Boiling Onions (Base Gravy), Cooking pre-cooked Chilli-Con-Carné with Steamed Basmati Rice! (Dinner)
I also had the urge to have a go at a cheesecake, so I did a Lime Cheesecake with a rum flavoured Cream Topping.
I just had enough rum left in a bottle, which was fortunate, because I would have been tempted to fall off the waggon, which I've stayed on since July FFS!
Here is the Lime Cheesecake - I am tempted to try this now, but it's still warm and a bit too late if I am to think about my dieting, so I'll leave it till tomorrow!
Click on the image for a large eye full!
I seem to be writing the date on all my notepads, as well as on this blog - A good tip from yours truly if you use many notepads scattered all around the place.
I did try to keep notepads for different subjects, but that all went to pot!
I still haven't sampled the Lime Cheesecake as yet, but the toffee buttery substance dripping from the bases was very tempting. I used Lotus biscuits + unsalted butter for the biscuit base
and yes I was also tempted to sample a few biscuits before I processed them, hence no weight loss this morning, but a gain of point one pounds! (over 5 days)
This may also be due to the fact that I've been sampling chocolate more than normal just lately, but in my defence it is 80- 90 % stuff with low sugar!
Even so, only a few squares packs quite a few calories, not leaving me much room for manoeuvre in my daily diet planning!


I spent most of last night boiling onions, and this morning I have to blitz them so that I can pre-cook my chicken for the Chicken Madras!
I messed up slightly as I cook the onions on a very low heat, but I changed rings on the cooker so that I could prepare some other food, and in doing so inadvertently blasted the onions, but not for long, so I think they should be ok?
Sometimes the BIR smell is stronger than this batch, whether it's the onions or my sense of smell I'm not sure, but my last curry tasted spot on IMHO!
The trick is definitely to use pre-cooked meat & get the base gravy done instead of having to do it all on a Saturday evening.
I mean who wants to miss all this wonderful stuff that is on the box, especially XFactor!
I put my Outdoor Christmas Lights on again last night in the hope that they may repair themselves, but no still just a few dimly lit feckers!
It's a shame, but I really can't be arsed messing around with them climbing up step ladders & freezing my grillocks off in the process!

I hope my webcam is working? Still not sure about the automatic log in process? But it's fun hacking the code used to access the commercial webcam.
If you have problems it may be due to the amount of connections, as it throws a wobbler if too many people try to use it at the same time haha!


For my lunch I have mainly been having Baked Lime Cheesecake - Bugger the calories!
Click on the image for a bigger piece!
Not sure if I've come out in sympathy with my brother, (who has had to go into hospital again just recently) but I spent most of the day in bed after getting up fairly early, having some toast, but then feeling depressed & getting back in beddykins even though I have shitloads to do!
I eventually went to do a feeble sort of BIG SHOP at Tesco, I wanted to visit The Range, but thought at this late time it would be heaving, and I would have parking difficulties!
(And most of you know how I feel about parking up cars)
For my Dinner I have mainly been having the same again as the photo above !
Very Nice! but nothing else is allowed due to the calorie count FFS!
I did manage a session on my new MicroKorg
I have an idea (musical) that I may post on here or on Facebook if I manage to get off my arse & complete it!
Late Confession
I must confess, I do like to handle/fondle these Pearls
I have just loaded my washing machine and given myself a bit of a thrill before bedtime!

Went out quite early this morning hoping to capture some nice frosty scenes to upload on the BBC WeatherWatchers website!
Walking very steadily (but still using up calories) I eventually found my first shot on reaching the lake footpath!
Robin was there posing for me!
He didn't fly off, but could I focus up, could I heckers like FFS!
I blame the feckin cold weather!
Click on the pics for a massive shock!
In my new game you have to guess how many Motorway Cameras are *ucked!
(There is usually one)
Have Fun - click on the image for the game - good game good game!
FREE Wally Cap for Monthly Winners!
Testing out another DAW - click on the image for a FREE sample
(turn down the volume)
No wait - PUMP IT UP!

Tonight I am mainly having Baked Fish, Chips & Mushy
more dabbling with this MPC Essentials DAW
I may uninstall all the other Trial Software - Why pay for stuff ??
Also with the Akai MPKmini Compact Keyboard & Pad Controller comes:-

Hybrid 3 - Synth
Wobble - Grime Generator
MPKmini Midi Editor - Powerful Mapping Management Software

Last night/this morning I dabbled with embedding video here, but had trouble with browser compatibility - I hope to sort this as I want to do more Screen Recordings to thrill you all with!
Any help on this please email or FB me! (Thanks)

For today's Weatherwatch pic I cheated a bit & just took some shots from my back garden!

Not been feeling too grand this morning - I got up had my Granola-Banana-Yeo Valley Yogurt
Watched The weather on TV & also to my surprise I also  spotted Colin Woolway's Sprogs Pip & Fin on a news item about junk food advertising & also playing footy in their garden!
Got a message from Steve ("I'm Owrate ta") in reply to my wondering if he required any more treats....
Yes I know I should have got out for another feckin walk around the lake to grab another feckin WeatherWatch Pic!
I used my feckin webcam instead!
It's back to bed for a quick snooze & then more work on me xmas musical!
Eventually got me arse out of bed and did a sort of BIG SHOP
Which involved B&Q - Aldi - Tesco
I was mainly looking for a nice big RED light plus all the other mundane stuff like food!
I noticed a lovely sky on my way back to my Black Bitch at Tesco car-park
I'd forgot my mobile & I didn't have my camera!
I took a few shots (WeatherWatch) when I got home, then unpacked the food!
Click on the Moon for a BIG ONE!


Waiting for my new 12ch Mixer to arrive!
My Behringer PSU gave up the ghost & I had a look at it, but hadn't got a diagram to suss out the replacement parts, so I've mended it with a new one haha
Not another Behringer some other make this time!
I have also treated myself to a xmas lighting Can, So Lord Snooty had better watch out when he walks past in case he gets "Blinded By The Light"

Visited Steve in hossy yesterday - took more treats and reading material
Let's hope his escape plan is soon!

This Weatherwatch photography is getting a bit too much like hard work, so I may just send in reports & do pics now & then (If I go out round the lake)

I mainly cooked steamed salmon with steamed vivaldi potatoes last night - a bit boring I know, but it tasted very nicely thank you :-)

My plan to use MPC Essentials as a sequencer has backfired on me as it seems it's too restricted with just one track.?
It's very good as it talks to my midi stuff & I can get a really good groove emanating from my studio, but I do need multi-tracking for my new project!
I have thought about using Audacity as this has multi audio tracks with a click track, but it may be too fiddly & time consuming, so I've just downloaded Traction & hope to try that out soon!
(I'll keep you posted)

After visiting Steve last night, I called in at Maplins, mainly looking for some cheap Jack to Jack Leads.
Feckin heck they must all be treble gold plated or summat?
I did have a look onth tinternet & they were quite pricey on there as well.
I'll have to have a look on the CPC website?
So if both new toys arrive today ok, which do I play with first?
The lighting or the Mixer?
Post on my FB page which you think I will choose!
Click on ME

After visiting Steve in hossy last night I looked up to the sky
(I've heard that one before somewhere?) and grabbed my mobile to take a shot!
I had promised myself to always take my digital camera around with me, but failed, so I used the mobille, which isn't too bad for a grab shot situation I suppose.
Click on the pic for the BIG ONE!
Just putting the pic on here made me realise that the image size from the phone is set to maximum smoke, so BIG respect to the mobile phones built in camera!
2880 x 1728 703kb
I still have to wire up my new 12 chan. mixer, she looks very sexy in black!
I have also downloaded another FREE Daw (Tracktion)
I want to get cracking and create some new songs, so I'm getting a bit fed up of having to audition all this feckin software, but it has to be done if I want my normal standard of musical perfection! (Don't laugh Bro)
Glass Engraving
Another new hobby?
I've always fancied having a go at glass engraving, so if I have a go & it works you may get a Lalique Nude Glass Statue or something for a xmas pressie !
Or just a tumbler with #UKJAY on it haha!

Managed to get myself in gear to go to Tesco as I had run out of Whisky and other more boring food stuffs.
But before this I had thought it's about time I re-checked my Black Bitches Tyre Pressures!
Now they have re-sited the Air Pump at Sainsbury's Stoke it's even more of a pain to use their feckin air pump, so I thought I'd test out the one I got with me Black Bitch!
I have got a small one (no jokes please) but the newer one that came with BB seems a bit more like!
I dug out an old 12v CB type PSU and hooked the newer air pump to it via a gigar type lighter socket arrangement.
Tried all this outside & the feckin thing struggled a bit as I suspected it would!
It was better than the cheapo one I already had which jumps around like summat demented, but still it seems like this set-up is ok for emergency use only
I may have to visit Halfords or somewhere (any ideas?) to get hold of a more substantial system
to save me using Sainsbury's again?


As I was getting stuff from Tesco, I was also trying to find some medicine to ease the pain I am having in my thigh. The feckin pills don't seem to work!
At the same time of my search another guy seemed to be searching also?
I said to him ! I can't find the Crack Cocaine anywhere! We giggled - I got some freezing spray & it seems to be helping along with the Grouse hic hic.
Talking of the Grouse I saw it marked up at £17 - Litre & offer of £13 70cl
I picked up the 70cl bottle, but on trawling around I noticed the had a display box if the 1 Lt. bottles marked up at £15

I put the small one in the display box & retrieved 2 1L bottles !!!
After the checkout I checked my till receipt & they had charged me the full £17 for each bottle!
Eventually Customer services sorted out the problem - they had mistakenly left the now back up to fill price bottles on display at the offer price!
This meant they gave me £8 back !!!
Can't argue with that can you!
Oh and 2.5kg of Redmere Farms white Potatoes for 39p
Look great for my famous crinkle cut chips!

I have a confession to make
I do like to look at pictures of females!
There's some interesting ones on P.O.F.
Some weirdos (including one you may know)
But who needs all that when you can also get magazines from Tesco
But NOT MFR at the moment for some reason?
I don't think they've published my recipe this month though (no money in post)
More about cooking later (GW)



I've not blogged for a few days as I haven't been too well, & my bed has seen more of me than usual!
Some may call me "Slacker" that may be true, but I'm a pissed off slacker, as I planned to create a truly new & exciting xmas melody for you all to love & enjoy & also give me world wide status as a top songwriter & performer!
Alas this is NOT to be and  due to my health issues I cannot achieve my plan in the short space of time left before Xmas!
It's not just me who has been suffering, there is my brother & also Norman Sole!
Old age what a pain eh (sorry Norman)
If I can I will muster up some musical experience before the new year, but I really need to write out my cards & stuff first!
So feck it - it may be a case of 2017 ukjay hits (GW)
As you get older you just have to learn to deal with it I suppose!?
My problem is that I love my retirement & have that many things I want to do before I pop my cloggs
makes me panic a bit - but feck it
I'll keep you posted - If God is willing X

Ok Cliff here you go :-

We were talkin about Cliff & stuff :-)
Here's another toon I will always play (GW)

Merry Christmas from Jay!

I'm playing catch up today - hope to get some xmas cards done, I don't like to buy ready made cards, I'd rather do bespoke ones, so it takes a little longer!
I think this years offering wont involve CAD & printing paraphernalia, but just a simple "Merry Christmas" in red ink done in a chinese writing style! (Good Luck with that Jay)
I may be tempted to get the glitter out though? (No No No)
Yes I know, I keep asking myself why this ditty never made number one & gave me fame & fortune?
I thought I was really clever how I managed to do the chip-monk pinky perky voice & keep it in perfect tune/harmony myself - I think it's a bit like mustard though - love or hate it?
The real-time or step recording of a bass pattern on my Boss DR-3 is very long winded & even If I resorted to using a preset pattern I still have to connect up my NEW ALTO Live 1202 mixer
and with my Korg MicroKorg S & the new trial DAWS it more like next feckin xmas (GW)
the song may be ready haha.
Was even thinking of recording a ditty of me singing & strumming on me Lovely Taylor Guitar, but even that seems daunting!
Then there's the xmas food, I've got the veg in:-
Sprouts - Parsnips - Potatoes (Roasting)  are my favourites
Oh I'd better get stuffed - correction some stuffing ingredients.
I had a look at the Turkey Prices in Tesco - Are they havin a laugh?
LIDL do I hear you all shout??

So. If I don't blog again before the 25th
I hope you all keep well & have a Lovely Jubbly Christmas !


Just a quick blog before Santa drops downth chimbley!
Sad News to hear that Rick Parfitt has left the building!
He's a 1948 I'm a 1949 so I'm shitting myself a bit, as I have been suffering with weird complaints
which have slowed me down with all the projects I hope to complete a.s.a.p. and have empathy for anyone in the same boat.
Just where did the time fly  since I was 50 FFS!?

My xmas plan was to bring you the delights of my version of Silent Night
No singing you may be pleased to hear, just some sort of musical weirdness with maybe  just vocoder voices not mine directly!

I may continue with this and GW bring it forth in the new year?


Thanks to everyone who has interacted with me just lateley, I do get a bit lonley up here in space
so thanks again for taking the time for what you have done.....
Open blouse shots are still welcome, you know I collect them being a fully fledged pervert!

I'd better sign off now as the lemocello seems to be doing its thing

Happy Crimble & New Yonks X


I trust you all have had a splendid Christmas Day?
Sad News about George Michael - How Ironic he was taken this Christmas?
I enjoyed Mr Beans Maigret & for us Corrie watches it was great to see that Disfunctional Builder
as Inspector Columburney haha!
When there wasn't much on you could find me on YouTube watching Capt. Beefheart (Don Van Vliet) on a Mighty High! hic hic
And also enjoying Johnny Winter fanning out his tassels with his rendering of "JJ Flash"



I didn't take too kindly to a post on FB about George Michael where the poster said he wasn't much of a fan. I responded with my "well zip it then" retort which ended up with me being unfriended!
Well if you can't take a bit of criticism, and realise that FB isn't just about agreeing all the time you aren't a true feckin friend anyway as far as I'm concerned!
But I don't like making enemies, or loosing friends, and often wonder why I bother posting my true thoughts if people can't take it FFS! 


On a lighter note I went out today (or should I say limped out) to take a few WeatherWatch snaps
also to help loose some of the feckin calorie intake gained since enjoying the festive cheer hic hic!
I'm getting that New Year thing already about what I should do , or more to the point what I will be able to do next year.
Should I continue Blogging, Drumming, Painting, Geeking etc.?
I think Living is the main criteria FFS!
I do like my hobbies & want to wire up my new recording studio & also set up my new Raspberry Pi for various geekyness projects!
I tend to think some people think I'm showing off judging by their reaction if I try to talk about or show them anything I've done website wise?
All it is is the fact that since I was an egg I have love creating things that do stuff!
I love the Internet - creating applications - electronics
Always have & always will !
That's me that's what I'm about  - tough if you can't handle it!
It's the same with music - Never had any real fame/success,  but have enjoyed having the nerve to get up on stage & do the best I can! - I do miss that, (up to a point) it is also nice to stay in with her indoors drinking wine, having a curry watching the box.
Sadly it's just me now & also all the stuff I want to do seems to take longer to achieve?
This must be what they call Retirement?
God Bless & all the very best for 2017 (there's bound to be more madness)
Thanks to all who are taking time to read the blog X

P.S. As I'm writing this I'm tasting my first bottle of red since July FFS! :-)