A very Happy New Year To everyone who has taken the time to read my Blogs (Web logs)

During the xmas break I have thought of some new & exciting projects to try and accomplish in the new year
I hope to tell you more (God Willing)
I'm enjoying taking photographs for the weatherwatchers site, still sorting out my recording studio gear, and I now have a new art project in mind, and there is also a new music project which I'm devising a cunning plan for!
14/01/17 Photography
I'm still wiring up stuff for the Snuff Box music collaboration
Things have been a bit slow due to being a bit poorly!
There is a little light - a flicker - not a dying glow - a flicker
This new equipment has slowed down the actual music side of things, but it does excite me!
I've tried to keep posting some sort of pictures to the BBC Weatherwatchers site as best I can
It seems my perseverance has paid off today, as Rebecca Wood is doing her bit !

Geeky Time
I even fired up my New Raspberry Pi again after finding all the bits & bobs
The PSU had me going, but I thought feck it & used one that seemed to be correct haha
But that project will take a back seat as I'm concentrating more on the music project snuffbox!

As I didn't get many offers from females wanting to pose for some glamour portraits
I may get Shania in?
(stay tuned)


Can you believe how quickly time flies?
I'll soon be another year older (hopefully not deeper)
I have to try & climb back on that wagon as my weight is also climbing back up!
You may have noticed some weird pics on my FB page? - It's my new gadget
I'm still tempted to purchase a new DSLR & decent lens, but even though these cameras are low in price , considering how much they would have been several years ago when they were first produced (10000+) I still hold back at forking out around 1000 for what I require?

This project hasn't been abandoned, I've not been too well these last few weeks, but slowly I'm doing stuff, and as I may have mentioned, I also have some new studio gear that requires setting up, this includes software as well as hardware.
If you need to get in touch about this please use either art@ukjay.co.uk or

I Love Gadgets!
No I haven't purchased a drone yet!
This pic was taken at Trentham Gardens on Sunday Morning 22/01/17
I did get another Weather Station as they were at a sale price - Oh and another Art book!

WOW last day of January already FFS!
It's been a bumpy ride for Yours Truly!
I fell off the wagon a few weeks into December & over did it in that department like a plonker that I am!
I would just like to apologise for all the shit I posted & hope I didn't upset too many tender young ladies that I'm friends with? (still I think)
The men can feck off haha!
My punishment was reading all the crap I posted the next day & complete with a hangover having to trawl through it all & get it deleted :-)
Just recently I had the mad urge to make some chocolate rum & raisin !
I rushed into it without thinking, but eventually I did produce some tasty mounds!
It was nice to see another of my recipes in print this month in MFR!
I'd forgotten about that one, so it was a very nice treat in more ways than one!




After much soul searching I have purchased a new camera!
I do love my Panasonic - I got rid of all my serious stuff because I got fed up of all the fuss & bother
of lugging around all that, and decided I wont a shirt pocket camera, and my Panasonic (at the time)
gave amazing results even though it was slightly limited in some areas like no manual focus or exposure settings!
So I now have just purchased an Olympus PEN E-PL7!
It's not a full blown DSLR as I still didn't want to go down the route of too much fuss & bother, but the spec is amazing - right up my street
I went out today & took some weatherwatch shots in RAW mode (this is a new area for me)
This camera is 100 cheaper than the new PL8
but has virtually the same specs, and besides it looks more sexy IMHO !
Birthday Bash James & Stephen Lazzari ( Identical Twins LOL)
We had a Terrible Twins Meet Up
We feasted together on two occasions - very enjoyable !
Steves eyes were too big for his belly - this pic shows my platter - This is very good for me !
I daren't show you Fatwires feckin selection haha !
I love my brother - I must get to guest with his band again soon - Tumblin(g) Dice
(before we both snuff it FFS!
Talking about Snuff - I am still in the process of doing the basic music  with the SnuffBox Project!
Will post more A.S.A.P !