I've created this musoblog to give me the chance to explain things a little further (for those who are interested) about what I'm currently doing with regards to my music
Ok I lied  on my SPOOKY video about the tune being a new one!
It isn't! It's one I wrote ages ago called "Holocaust"
It's one I never got round to completely finishing & I was inspired by a VST plugin sound to write it!
I haven't used that patch on the video, I used a fantomX patch instead.
At the moment I'm trying new software (DAWS etc.) to use on my newer Win7 PC and also my new toys which I will list in more detail eventually (God Willing)
I have tried Presonus Studio One 3 - It seems a bit over the top for what I need, so that's why I have downloaded the Steinberg
Cubase LE as I did seem to like Cubasis on my XP machine.
Ok that's enough waffle for now - 01/11/16

After several attempts at trying to get my Akai MPK mini to talk to Cubase I have decided not to bother, even though I think I know what I may have needed to do (involves importing template?)
As Cubase is a trial & Presonus is FREE? plus the fact that none of them resemble cubasis, I may uninstall Cubase & either just use Presonus, or look around for another Noddy type DAW!
Latency has reared it's ugly head also, I think the dedicated M-Audio board sorted all that out on my XP, but I just want to use my newer Win 7 machine without having to purchase extra hardware!

I am also toying with the idea of recording live bands with my Tascam DP-008EX (should get me out of the house) so if anyone is interested in me recording them drop me a line.
You can just drop me a line anyway, if you have read this new blog & it should arrive on my wrist in due course! - that's technology for you! (if it works) I'll let you know haha


Ok that's enough waffle for now - 02/11/16


I may have done this blog wrong & should be doing the latest input at the top to save you all scrolling down?
Not much time for music today, as I have to bake another cherry pie, & also try out my new strimmer & brush cutter. However, I have thought of a new song to write, yes another comedy ditty, I can't tell you the title as that would give the game away, and also I have to write some verses, apart from the melody!
I may use Mr Taylor for this one?


Breaking News!
This side will be a Cooking blog, yes I did say Cooking!
drop me a line straight to my watch!

Was hoping to have a slice of cherry pie tonight, but as it's only just about to come out of the oven
at 23:38 I will have to wait till tomorrow, may post some pics as well?
I've had a go with the lattice cutter, but need more practise haha!
more to follow (God Willing)
Update - Just taken it out of the oven & it smells good * looks good, but it's a bit too dark to take a pic now so laters :-)


Ok that's enough waffle for now - 03/11/16
  I made the Cherry Pie - well actually it's a fruit pie:-
Cherries, Bramley, & Pears
I have resisted the temptation to have some for breakfast, but may do the recipe for the MFR magazine?
Ok that's enough waffle for this morning - 04/11/16
I looked at many fruit pie recipes from my vast library of books & magazines & took various parts to include in my version (which I made my own)
The main aim was to keep the sugar content down & just use the smallest amount of butter!
I included my favourite fruit.
  • Cherries
  • Bramley Apples
  • Pears
  • Ok The cherries were out of a tin, but even so quite delicious!
    I do have some frozen ones, which I may use next time (GW)
    With a bit of luck the recipe may get published in MFR !
    I also purchased some Diabetic Ice-Cream (again keeping the sugar level down)
    and yes it does go well with Cherry Pie :-)
    Ok that's enough waffle for this morning - 05/11/16
    A bit of a confession:-
    May transfer some of the sounds from my mini-korg to my Roland SPD-SX
    I also have to record from the korg to my pc a Rhythm Pattern plus a neat effect to my DAW for my next epic instrumental.
    Some of this also needs to be sampled on my SPD-SX
    I must get something done - Come on Jay you Slacker !!!!
    I've been searching for the video Steve took of me playing my idea to him, but can't find it?
    If you are reading this Steve, have you got a link to it??

    I've found it on Steves FB page but you all may not be able to view it?


    I pre-cooked my chicken for Satdees curry on the Friday & I also had got some base gravy prepared so as to save me time & effort on the Saturday!
    On Saturday (Yesterday I also made some Onion Bhajis, mainly to create some seasoned oil to cook the chicken curry with!
    This seemed like a good idea at the time, but as they were so tasty I ate all 4 of them !!!
    To be sensible I had to abort the plan of having a chicken curry as well, so it may be a Sunday Curry that is on the menu later? But NO Bhajis !!!   FFS
    I'm really depressed today, I wasn't too happy yesterday either - I must be S.A.D. ?

    Ok that's enough waffle for this morning - 06/11/16





    Today before doing the BIG SHOP, I called in at Staples (Etruria)
    to see if they had a wall clock (radio MSF) in store, but as I suspected they only have them to click & collect (bugger)
    However I did have a look at their action cameras, but as it was a very poor display I decided to call in at Curry's before the BS (Morrisons)
    As I drove past Pisser World, I noticed a sign saying that they had now moved, but I didn't get where exactly....


    Ok I'll sneak over to the cooking side now that I've mentioned cooking!
    I'll keep you posted if I get a new cooker haha!
    Thinking about things, it sort of dawned on me that my mobile phone seems to do what I require for a new action/pocket sized camera, so I took this one tonight


    As I entered Curry's it was now apparent that this is where they had moved!
    Very impressive, a new top floor for the Kitchen stuff etc.
    and quite a decent layout of the Cameras & Computers etc.
    I got talking to a young & petite Oriental member of staff on the Photography section & informed her of my needs (not all of them)
    She understood exactly what I wanted & I'm sure she wanted to touch me!
    However, even though they had a splendid selection of action cameras, they didn't really suit my needs!
    I went upstairs & had a look at the cookers - nearly tempted

    I'm not going to spend a fortune on an all singing dancing DSLR
    as much as get tempted, I've sort of been there, done that in the old days, that's why I got my panasonic compact digital, which suits my needs nowadays, apart from there being no full manual settings or interchangeable lenses PMSL !

    I still haven't built up my 2nd Raspberry Pi board as yet, I meant to do that today, but bed & big shop took  precedence !

    The new radio clock & the Pi board are all part of my Geeky Project which I will explain in more detail at a later date (GW)
    I really must also do some more music recording - I think I need to make a feckin list again!
    Ok that's enough waffle for this morning - 09/11/16


    Well what a depressing day, spent most of it searching for digital cameras & gadgets onth tinternet!
    The plan was to build up the Raspberry Pi Kit, but not got round to it as yet (Slacker)
    Tonight I am mainly having Macaroni Cheese Bake!
    Oh I did create a smoothie today which consisted of fruit & veg I needed to use up!
    I still haven't finished writing up my Fruit Pie recipe yet! (Slacker)
    Ok that's enough waffle for this morning - 10/11/16
    I did a bit of a quiz & said I would post the answer here, but lets wait until we get a few more guesses as to what the meal is.
    Thanks Rob for being the first to have a go!
    Ok more later ...... (GW)
    Ok Muso & Cook have now merged :-)

    Well what a day (SatDee)
    Been quite busy having the urge to go out in the rain to take some snaps of the weather. This involved using a large waterproof coat I have which has been hanging on my bedroom door gathering feckin dust for years, so it took quite an effort to clean it up before I ventured out in it!
    I really enjoyed the walk round the lake & have uploaded the pics I took on my Facebook page!
    The coat has nice big pockets, so I could protect the camera from the wet when not in use!
    This saves fiddling about which camera cases or gadget bags etc.
    I was tempted just to use my mobile phone, but I'm glad I used my Panasonic, as it obviously has a better resolution & more exposure control.
    However all this made me feel quite sad, as Me & my much missed June had similar coats & always enjoyed visits together going to National Trust Properties taking pics when walking round the places.
    But it did make me think of all the lovely times we shared together, which I will cherish forever.

    Oh yes the pic comp, well that could have had a better response haha
    So here's the food - see if you can tell what it is now???

    Whatever it was - It was very tasty & got two big meals out of it
    This is my favourite pic I took during my SatDee morning walk in the rain
    I could use this for this years Christmas Cards??
    Ok That's enough waffle for now - Let me know on FB if you enjoy the Blog!
    Thanks in advance - Jay X
    Well! Still haven't finished off the recipe write up  & still not built the Pi!
    Planned to build the Pi today, but have just been trying to re-learn an old song I did with Dave Roberts for a new video I plan to do (GW)
    I'm so tired !!!!
    Did a bit more Guitar Picking but Howard flaming Jones got me mucking about Pairing my Tablet with my bluetooth tv soundbar!
    which then ended up with me drumming along to his & other YouTube recordings on my Premier Kit!
    About time I got my sticks out!
    Stan commented on my moon pic:-
    Stan Haldane Do you have proof, looks just like a light to me.
    I went on to Instagram yesterday & saw a video from Ian Palmer
    Then suddenly my Soundbar burst into life with Ians super drumming blasting back at me!
    I'd turned the Soundbar off but it must have woke up because it certainly woke me up haha!
    Well Stan, I was in my Studio & looking through my window I thought I saw the moon very bright & low, so I grabbed my camera & tripod & went outside to capture her!
    Looking upwards I couldn't see anything, so I went back in my room to look through the window & it was the neighbours feckin security light FFS!
    I must get some Moon Photography lessons of Stephen Lazzari!
    That's it for now - back to bed??

    Praise YouTube

    I posted this in the Project Group ->
    We're nearly there with what I'd foreseen years ago with TV's more of a home entertainment system having built in apps like YouTube etc. especially with hardly any feckin decent live music progs still!


    James Lazzari
    Quickly getting back to talking about music instead of Band Names, I have recently been re-learning some old songs I used to do in my duo days.
    Being a cocky sort, I thought it would just be a case of picking up (pardon the pun) from where I left off, but to be honest I've had to use YouTube to help me along a bit & there are some quite good videos (some very bad)
    to show me what I may have been struggling a bit without any help.
    How on earth did we go on without all this tinternet mine of information before I'm not sure ??
    If you have done any videos, especially any music tutorials it may be worth posting links on here?
    But apart from that I do love YouTube for just the sheer pleasure of musical entertainment, I've always been one for Live video recordings of music - I found a Howard Jones one this week which blew me away & spurs me on because he aint no spring chicken either, but obviously still loves doing his thing!

    Howard Jones's live recordings

    On YouTube
    What a blessing & inspiration for ageing musos like myself !!!

    Dave LaRue The Phrygian Mode

    This is C()()L stuff for all you Bass Players IMHO

    Dave LaRue The Phrygian Mode
    (If you haven't seen it already that is)

    And Now The Feckin Weather

    WOW talk about changeable this morning!!!!


    Ok back to dabbling with temperature remote sensors
    Just been watching this guy doing a demo of Presonus Studio One  Vocals/Guitar
    If anyone is interested I'll post the info here - Just let me know!
    18/11/16 Not been doing much today, but I did make a bright LED to shine on my new Clock / Weather Gadget as the display is crap without the backlight
    The only problem with these things is that the light doesn't stay on (battery wear) that's why I cobbled together a battery pack to supply a very bright Blue LED
    which I dangled downwards shining onto the display by my bedside.
    After my Forty Winks I powered up the soldering Iron & went in (he's going in folks) - Here is the result!
    Stays on (no on/off) backlight now  powered by 6 AA's !
    That's easier to read now - Ok it looks a bit naff with the batt pack cobble - will have to work on that haha
    Went out for another stroll around the lake this morning!
    Bloody Cold, but I was after a pic for BBC #weatherwatch
    Doubt they'll use it? But you never know?
    Click On Pic for an even bigger view!
    Look it's far too early to write stuff today & besides I'm watching yet another drumming tutorial on Facache (as if I didn't have enough already) so laters x


    Spent most of today in bed for some reason or other?
    Possibly the feckin cold, But I have had the WFP so bugger the expense of the CH & turn up the heat!
    When I have been up I have been looking mainly at curry's website boning up on the Nikon D3400 this for the price seems to suit my requirements, but to be honest, my handy panasonic compact does most of what I'm wanting, so does the saved cash go towards music instead?
    I have posted another Howard Jones Video on Faceache for your enjoyment (I hope)
    I'm tweaking the Weather Station at the moment trying to get the temperature reading more accurate. I think this is a subject that you could earn a degree with FFS!
    Good Moaning Campers!
    Got up very early this morning to the feckin rain - uploaded weather pic to the Weatherwatchers !
    Been looking on tinternet at Synths & Oscilloscopes !
    Seems like I have become a Howard Jones Fan haha!
    Oh yes I've also had a feckin shower you may be pleased to know?
    The next thing I must do is finish writing up that Fruit Pie Recipe!
    Hope you like the Temperature Widget?
    It now updates every 10mins (auto refresh)

    Howard Jones

    What a gruelling day yesterday - I eventually finished writing up the Fruit Pie recipe, also took some portrait pics of myself to replace the ones they use, but after taking a few shots they were even worse than the feckin ones I have already uploaded.
    Eventually it dawned on me that I had altered the ISO setting for a Weatherwatch shoot & as I was doing indoor shots, & not wanting to use flash I did wonder why they were so dull haha!
    Talking of photography I got a shock last night while watching TV, as you probably know if you have seen my FB Post!
    Seems like the walks round Parkhall lake were enjoyed by the BBC as well!
    I am also digging around for info on data decoding for another project of mine, this involves Remote Desktop Communication with my Raspberry Pi - Did it want to play? Did it heckers like!
    Eventually I got there & managed to do some Git Hubbing!
    I also nearly purchased some musical equipment, was looking at Synths, Drum Machine Sequencer thingies, and Oscilloscopes.
    No purchases, but this mornings brain wave had me downloading a couple of free Apps for my Android Tablet.
    Yes! they were Oscilloscopes haha!

    Dont forget - The Temp at the bottom refreshes itself every few minutes & is updated every 10mins at the moment!



    Shefali taking a walk round Parkhall Lake OOER! X
    Santa arrived early yesterday & dropped off a shiny new Synth!
    Within a few minutes I was doing my Howard Jones Inspired Groove & just had to share it on Instagram with you!
    Ok the keyboard is really meant for one finger operation IMHO
    But I was soon finding my way around all the knob twiddling!
    The beauty of this over my Fantom XR is the quickness & ease of changing patches, without the need of a PC/Laptop Oh & also the vocoder, that's a bit of classic fun haha!
    I decided to try & get it to talk to my Drum Machine (Boss DR-3) but could only get it playing the patches not the songs?
    I hooked up my Yamaha NP-11 Piano to the drum machine & could only get that to kick in songs, but I was blown away by the piano demo & drum song combo, so I'm working on getting the Korg to do the same, I've tried the demo on that but no luck as yet?

    I'm still digging for info on decoding weather data, I've found all sorts of stuff, nearly bought yet another book (online)
    But decided to do a Google on the title & Lo & Behold found a FREE pdf of it! Handy tip that if you want to save a few pennies!

    miniKORG S

    Here is the link to the video
    I'm not sure why my Tablet mirrors the image when I adjust the camera lens to point towards the front?
    I think it's ok if I rotate it to point to the rear, but then I wouldn't be able to see the feckin screen when I record anything??
    May have to look for an App that give me mirror option?
    It's a good job it isn't a video music tutorial else there could be a problem here.

    Google Drive
    I've just admitted defeat to Google & deployed my Google Drive to give me extra backup as well as using DVD's
    Quite handy as it gives sharing of data between my devices, but I did try to read a pdf & it wanted to use apps on my desktop which I would have had to download?
    I will have to look into all that a bit more, but now it's ok just to use as a backup so long as they don't suddenly want to charge me - I still can't get my hear around all the storage / servers that are needed just to keep the worlds inane twaddle?

    More on this later:-
    Here is the link to my weston coyney webcam


    user = fbfriend
    password = fbpw




    Home Recording Studio


    I've been in pain again with my leg, this time it's mainly when getting out of bed or being seated, but I didn't fancy standing up all day, so I've been up most the night boning up on this trial Ableton, which, so far, I like very much.
    IMHO Software is only as good as the help file(s)
    (You can quote me on that if you like)
    I've uninstalled one DAW I tried (Steinberg) I've kept PreSonus Studio One 3 for now (I think it's a free one?)
    The initial test has mainly been getting my Akai MPK mini to talk to the packages, then seeing how I like the GUI's
    One thing I have mention before which Ian Bannister interacted is Latency - Yes that ugly word!
    Well as things were a bit sluggish on the recent DAW (Live 9)
    I went in even without reading any help->



    It's always a case of look in properties for the real clues, and I did see that this software was using DirectX 9
    or summat?
    I changed that to ASIO & noticed straight away goodly the effect!
    This seems to bring back memories of my Cubasis days!
    On my old machine I did get the M Audio Audiophile 2496 which I see Maplins now sell for about 18 (PCI)
    Anyway back to the DAWS!
    I'm getting the MPK mini knob twiddling ok - just need to try creating a few tracks with midi & audio etc.
    I wanted to just do Live type recordings with my Tascam DP-008EX & do some live video work, but all that seems to be quite a task for one individual (especially this one) so I may be reverting to using daws & midi magic like I did back in 2008 onwards, at least I churned out many self penned tunes including:-



    It's early Sunday Morning & I've just had a double espresso & had a browse on FaceAche!
    Not much doing at the moment, so I thought I'd just do a bit of blogging.
    The problem is I haven't much to feckin blog about because I haven't really done much due to a painful right leg which hurts when I get up from the sofa or bed etc.
    It was even giving me grief when I went to bed last night, but after a few pills things seemed more bearable!

    I meant to have a Saturday night curry which took me most of the day to prepare because I forgot to make some fresh Base Gravy on Friday night!
    I'd done the second stage (Pre-Cooked Chicken) but decided to make some Onion Bhajis, as I use the Cooking Oil as a seasoned oil for the curries. I ended up with four of them!
    Enjoying just sitting & watching TV and sampling these Bhajis, I checked my Calorie Intake on my Tablet App & if I had the Chicken Curry as well as the four Bhajis I would have been a very naughty boy indeed! (even leaving out the Basmati Rice)
    So it seems like I may have a Sunday Chicken Curry Dinner !
    I hope you are enjoying reading my blog? Please leave a message on my FB Page if you are! (thanks)
    James Lazzari
    Spent most of the day in bed not feeling 100%
    Eventually got up and had a play with my new Raspberry Pi.
    Then some searching for info on how I did Remote access code on my Old Pi to enable the Win 7 machine to talk.
    Could I find anything in all my books? Could I heckers like!
    I was sure I had another book, but no luck finding that.
    I had a dig around in the old Pi code & found out what I used, but still I'm not sure where I got the info from.
    However there are other newer ways to do Remote access & also I'm toying with the idea of getting a small hdmi display for it
    If anyone is thinking of getting a Pi up & running, with the new NOOBS sd card things are quite straight forward, but you have to make sure your monitor hdmi lead is plugged in properly to save silliness & bother.
    I'm now using my win7 monitor with the new Red Pi! It's quite fast not using Remote Access like I do  with the Old Pi.
    I have just been making the leds light up on its sense hat with "Jay" for a pic to show you, but I'll leave that for later, may even do a fun video LOL!
    All this has distracted me from my midi work where I need to sync all the machines (including the new Korg) together before I can even start recording new material!
    It may be a while before the local Howard Jones Cover act performs at "The Plume Of Feathers"
    Barlaston, so don't hold your feckin breath!
    I always get inspired to write new songs when trying new patches/sounds on new equipment & this was the case with my new miniKorg - It's another new dimension for me & am feeling quite excited at the thought of producing new toones for your delight!
    (Answers on a postcard)


    This is my neat work bench at the moment!
    The smart looking guy in Red is the "New Pi" & next to him on the right is "Old Pi"
    (Transparent Case)
    Love the new mouse for the Red Pi, with it's snazzy blue leds!
    You can see the led matrix on the red pi - sorry none lit up, but I can assure you they do! (quite simple code use)
    Also the new Red Pi comes with a reasonable sized USB Keyboard, the Old Pi has a tiny Wi_Fi Keyboard which I've hardly used (for obvious reasons) but still keep keeping it charged up just in case!
    I've had to write most of this days blog again as Frontpage can throw a wobbler sometimes, when doing hyperlinks from pics.
    I normally save before doing this, but feckin forgot *grrr*

    I'm using the "Old Pi" for Radar24 (Plane Tracking)
    and it's 24/7
    The New "Red Pi" is intended for a Weather Project which involves communication with weather senses. At the moment I'm doing this with my Win 7 machine, but need to do the same sort of thing on a Pi.



    Apple Nuggets
    As I'm typing  can smell my seasoned Steamed Chicken Steaming away, and it's making me feel quite hungry!
    I did what must have been my best ever Chicken Madras last night
    I think the sort of "feel the vibe" cooking works well with curries?
    It's taken feckin long enough to learn FFS!

    I've just been in the kitchen & sampled the Seasoned Chicken!
    Luvvly Jubbly!

    The pic on the right are my Apple Nuggets which I hope to include a recipe for the MFR Magazine.
    I had these for Breakfast (twice)



    I've posted on FB about my webcam dabblings, here is a copy as I can't be arsed typing all this in my blog again:-
    James Lazzari
    1 hr
    #ukjay #musoblog
    Still working on the webcam links to try and avoid having to log in
    I may be some feckin time x
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    James Lazzari
    James Lazzari I just managed to get a recording of my webcam with sound as a file download - that was a bit spooky I can tell you!
    I think a feckin coffee is in order right now .....
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    James Lazzari
    James Lazzari Oh Rollocks - I'd just said to myself "Put It There" as I placed my tablet down, I then thought oooh that would make a nice song theme!
    I've just done a search on YouTube - I knew there is put it in your pocket? (AWB?) but then feckin Macca goes & spoils it all for me FFS!
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    James Lazzari
    James Lazzari https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnA71WPGrsY

    Paul McCartney & Band - Put It There (Live)
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    James Lazzari
    James Lazzari Ok well nearly

    Average White Band - Put It Where You Want It
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